Auto AC Repair in Stuart, FL

Don’t burn up over a broken air conditioning system. Keep your cool and bring in your vehicle for an air conditioning inspection, diagnosis, service and repair today in Jupiter and Stuart FL!

Did you know that your air conditioning belt affects more than just your car’s AC system?

A broken belt could cause issues and costs far bigger than just your car's AC system blowing hot or warm air instead of cold. All County Auto Repair & Tire shop can find, explain and fix all types of air conditioning repair issues from recharging a refrigerant to replacing a broken compressor at our Jupiter and Auto AC repair Stuart, FL shop service center. Our auto air conditioner servicing is a full service auto solution to make sure your vehicle's air conditioning, cooling and heating elements are in their optimal conditions. No matter the size or scale of the auto AC repair problem or service, the All County ac repair & Tire air conditioning repair service maintenance experts in Stuart FL, Jupiter FL, and Tequesta FL have the auto AC repair service knowledge and experience to keep your car, truck or SUV's auto air conditioner running cool all year long. Our auto air conditioning repair in Stuart FL, Jupiter FL and the surrounding areas will be sure to meet all your car's A C repair needs.

Auto AC Repair in Stuart, FL

You might need an air conditioner check or air conditioning repair if:

  • Your car A C system blows cold air only intermittently.
  • Your car A C system blows hot or warm air.
  • Your car A C system makes unusual or unexplained noises.

Change, or other car maintenance services. Don’t let minor car air conditioning repair issues wait until they become major costs or repairs--schedule an appointment with All County Auto Repair & Tire today! We have locations for service and repair in Stuart FL and Jupiter FL.

Auto Air Conditioning Service & Repair

When was the last time you had a mechanic look at your car’s AC system in Jupiter or Stuart FL? If you can’t remember, then it’s been too long and Air conditioning repair Tequesta could be in need of some Jupiter or Stuart auto repair. Schedule a car AC repair Palm City FL appointment with an All County Auto Repair & Tire ASE certified expert today and let us help you make sure your air conditioner is running at peak efficiency with a check or service and let us get any issues taken care of with Jupiter and Stuart auto repair for AC. Our Air conditioning repair Tequesta are locally owned and operated garage shop locations in the Jupiter and Stuart area use the latest AC repair diagnostic equipment available, and our certified mechanics have all the years of technical know-how and experience to service systems in every type of make and vehicle imaginable, including  hybrids cars and cars that needs repairs Palm City.. Why suffer through a broken auto AC system when you don’t have to? Schedule a repair in Stuart FL or Jupiter FL for an auto air conditioning check or service in Stuart (772-266-8685) or Tequesta (561-747-8320) today!

Every car owner in the Jupiter and Stuart area should care to know the first basics of their vehicle, so we’ve included a brief overview of some of the essential auto air conditioning parts and components.


The compressor is a device that compresses refrigerant gas via a belt-driven system before transferring it into the condenser. This piece is the heart of a modern vehicle's air conditioning system.


The primary function of the condenser is to lower the temperature of the refrigerator in the car. The condenser dissipates the heat that is released by compressed gases before condensing them into liquids that are maintained at a high pressure.

Receiver (Drier)

The receiver is a metal container that stores the refrigerant in the car. It is also commonly called a drier because of its job absorbing refrigerant moisture and filtering out dangerous acids and debris. Driers should be replaced every every three to four years in order to maintain quality filtration and to prevent the risk of chemical damage to the car or driver.

Orifice Tube/Expansion Valve

The orifice tube, sometimes called the expansion valve, controls refrigerant flow throughout the entire system. It is also responsible for converting high-pressure liquid refrigerant from the condenser into low-pressure liquid that can then enter the evaporator.


The evaporator removes heat from the interior of a vehicle. This component allows the refrigerant to absorb heat, when then causes the liquid to boil and change into a vapor. During this process, the vapor moves from the evaporator to the compressor, reducing humidity and cooling the vehicle as it moves. The evaporator holds the majority of the refrigerant during the process of heat transfer, which means that it runs the risk of being irreparably corroded by the harmful acids.

If any of these elements isn’t working properly in your car, give All County Auto Repair & Tire a call today and schedule an appointment for auto air conditioner service or repair in Stuart FL, Jupiter FL and the surrounding areas! You shouldn't have to endure a hot car drive when our air conditioning repair in Stuart FL and Jupiter FL is readily available. Our Jupiter and Stuart auto repair shop locations provide complete customer service care and auto services for auto AC repair with ASE certified technicians.

About The City of Stuart, Florida

Stuart, FL is also one of the area’s smallest towns with population of just 15,500 at the time of the last census. Although the city doesn’t have the name recognition of some of its neighbors, it’s somehow referred to as ‘The Sailfish Capital of the World,’ which makes it the town hotspot for saltwater anglers from all over the country.

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