Hybrid Car Repair

Is your hybrid’s high voltage battery having problems? Is it finally time for a refurbishment or even a full battery replacement?

This can be a nightmare for many hybrid owners, but All County Auto Repair & Tire can have your hybrid running like a dream at a fraction of the cost of the dealership. At our Tequesta, FL, Jupiter, FL and Stuart, FL locations, we give your premium hybrid the care it deserves, all without breaking the bank. Don’t put your automotive investment at risk--call to get a quote and schedule an appointment today!

Replacing a hybrid battery at a dealership can cost nearly as much as the car itself, but All County Auto Repair & Tire offers expert repair and reconditioning services at a price anyone can afford. Our professional mechanics can find the right replacement for you, no matter what you drive. We service hybrids of all makes and models, including:

- Honda Civic
- Toyota Camry
- Toyota Prius
- Ford Focus
- Ford Fusion
- Ford C-MAX
- Chevrolet Volt
- Chevrolet Malibu
- Nissan Leaf
- Lexus CT 200h
- Hyundai Sonata
- And many more!

After running an expert diagnostic, we can replace your hybrid battery with a new one or with a certified refurbished model from one of our vendors. The choice is up to you!

Our specialist services include hybrid vehicle battery repair and replacement, battery maintenance, and battery testing. We also perform general maintenance and repair on all other hybrid systems, making All County Auto Repair & Tire the ideal one-stop destination for all things hybrid.

When evaluating a hybrid battery, our expert mechanics run a series of professional diagnostic services to determine the best course of action. These services include:

1) Disassembling the battery pack in order to locate faulty modules, then replacing them with certified reconditioned modules.
2) Making sure the electric buss is free of corrosion, and replacing any damaged connectors with recycled, corrosion-free connectors as needed.
3) Reassembling, discharging, and recharging the battery as a whole pack, not just as individual components. By discharging and recharging the battery as a whole, the battery will be balanced within just a small fraction of a volt, which in turn will significantly prolong the battery’s life.
4) Testing the battery to ensure the highest level of quality and dependability.

But All County Auto Repair & Tire does far more than just battery replacement. As your one-stop shop for hybrid fixes, we also offer a variety of additional services including a brake systems flush. If your car is producing a chirping noise when you use the brakes, then one of the brake valves may not be opening or closing properly. Many times, we can fix this issue by flushing the brake system and replacing the brake fluid. Even vehicles that are in good condition should have their brake fluid changed every 100,000 miles in order to keep everything running smoothly.

But the brakes aren’t the only system that needs to be maintained. Many manufacturers suggest changing the coolant system every 50,000 to 100,000 miles or every two years. If your hybrid is hitting one of these milestones, our specialists can flush the system and replace the coolant at a price far cheaper than most dealers.

A hybrid vehicle is a powerful investment, and it deserves to be properly maintained throughout its lifetime. Thankfully, our Stuart, FL and Tequesta, FL locations have the expert knowledge to keep your hybrid in premium condition for years to come. Contact our Tequesta, FL location at 561-747-8320 or our Stuart, FL location at 772-266-8685 to ask a question, or schedule an appointment today!


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