Car Won't Start

Not sure why your car won't start?? Dead or dying battery? All County Auto Repair & Tire has you covered!

Our expert mechanics can help you determine and solve the issue with no hassle. Call our Tequesta, FL and Jupiter, FL location at 561-747-8320 or our Stuart location at 772-266-8685 to schedule your appointment today!

There are 3 common reasons your car may not be starting...

1) A dead or dying battery.

2) A faulty starter.

3) A faulty alternator.

If you think it is your battery, you can start by trying to jump start your vehicle...

How to Jump Start Your Car

All County Auto Repair & Tire recommends taking the following steps:

1.) Locate a pair of jumper cables and someone with a working vehicle who can jump your car.

2.) Make sure both cars are OFF and in Park or Neutral, preferably with the emergency brake also on.

3.) Connect the cables to the appropriate parts of each battery. The positive cable, marked with a (+), should be red, and the negative cable, marked with a (-), should be black. Be sure to attach the cable in the correct order as outlined below:

a.) Attach one of the red clips to the positive terminal of your dead battery. This terminal should have "POS" or "+" marked on it.
b.) Attach the second red clip to the positive terminal of the jumper’s car.
c.) Attach one of the black clips to the negative terminal on the jumper’s car.
d.) Attach the final black clip to an unpainted metal surface on your car. Make sure that you do not connect to the carburetor if your car has one.

4.) Attempt to start your vehicle while the charger’s car is still off, as any electrical problems in your vehicle could damage theirs as well. If your car still will not start, recheck the connections of all the cables, then try again. If your vehicle still won't start, your battery may need to be replaced

5.) If your vehicle does start, DO NOT turn it off until you have reached an auto repair shop, as the car will need to be re-jumped each time the engine shuts down.

If your car battery is refusing to start or hold its charge, you probably need a replacement. If you try jump starting and it still will not start likely you have another issue. Thankfully, All County Auto Repair & Tire has the best selection of prices with deals that anyone can afford. Don’t settle for a car that won’t start--call us to schedule an inspection today!


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