Time for an oil change?

For many people, a car is one of the single largest purchases they will ever make, so it’s no surprise that everyone wants to get the most out of their vehicles. Thankfully, one of the best steps you can take to maintain your car is also one of the best known: changing the motor oil. In most cases, regular oil changes should be performed every three to six months or every 5,000 miles, whichever comes first. At All County Auto Repair & Tire, our certified mechanics can give your car the expert oil change it deserves and get you back on the road in no time, all for an affordable rate that can fit any budget. Don’t wait for your engine to become gunked up with bad oil--call to schedule an appointment today!

Modern cars are much more precisely designed than those of past decades, and the introduction of synthetic oils has greatly improved engine lubrication. Though this means that newer cars can go farther without an oil change than their predecessors, they still need regular changes to keep their engines clean and running smoothly. Additionally, any time you come into All County Auto Repair & Tire for an oil change, we will also give your car a full inspection to check for issues or upcoming replacements in other systems throughout the vehicle. Why trust your car to anyone else when you can trust it to the best? Call to make an appointment and safeguard the health of your car today!

Oil Change Service

A standard oil filter consists of a steel housing that surrounds a variety of filtering media and an anti-drainback valve that stops oil from draining out while the engine isn’t running. The filter strains out contaminants that become trapped in the oil, allowing it to flow cleanly and evenly. If the oil filter ever becomes clogged with contaminants, a failsafe mechanism will kick in and divert the oil around the filter. This prevents the oil from overflowing the blocked filter, but if you follow your vehicle’s proper maintenance schedule, you will change your oil and filter far before this becomes an issue.

Over time, motor oil will eventually begin to degrade and turn into petroleum jelly, the same gooey stuff that makes up Vaseline. This viscous sludge blocks oil passages and stops oil from reaching some parts of the engine, causing these parts to experience excess friction and wear out prematurely. If this happens, your vehicle could need major repairs, possibly even a full engine replacement.

Though it may seem like minor maintenance that can be skipped, changing your car’s oil regularly is essential to removing the old oil out before it can completely turn to sludge. All automobile manufacturers record a recommendation for how many miles or months that you can go before the detergents and other oil additives degrade. This recommendation is listed in your owner’s manual, which should also detail exactly which kind of oil (natural vs. synthetic, as well as the exact grade) your vehicle needs.

When scheduling your oil change, be sure to consider how you typically drive your car. Many owner’s manuals will list driving conditions that are harder on your vehicle, including conditions such as frequent stop-and-go driving, towing heavy loads, making frequent short trips, or routinely driving in very hot, very cold, or very dusty weather. If you car goes through any of these conditions on a regular basis, consider changing your oil and performing other maintenance more regularly. Some modern vehicles have an oil life calculator that accounts for all of these factors and says exactly when to change your oil, but most drivers will have to keep up with the maintenance schedule themselves.

Oil changes may seem simple, but they are one of the biggest steps you can take toward improving the performance and lifespan of your vehicle. If your car is due for an appointment or you can’t remember the last time your oil was changed, then it’s time to bring it in to the shop. At All County Auto Repair & Tire, we always treat your vehicle with respect and keep it running at 100%. Call our auto shops in Tequesta (561-747-8320) and Stuart (772-266-8685) to request a quote and schedule your oil change today!


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