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Protect Your Fleet with All County Automotive!

Your fleet of vehicles is a valuable asset to your business, and it can require a lot of time and expert knowledge to maintain. With so many vehicles at stake, why would you trust your fleet’s well-being to anyone except the best? Whether it’s factory-scheduled maintenance or a pre-purchase inspection, the experts at All County Auto Repair & Tire have the knowledge and experience to keep your fleet running at its best, no matter the type of vehicle. Call our shops in Tequesta and Jupiter (561-747-8320) or Stuart (772-266-8685) today, and we’ll find the perfect maintenance package to fit your price range!

It is our goal to get your fleet back on the road quickly because we know that getting your vehicles serviced is not the company’s only expense. The down time of the vehicle can cost the company more than the maintenance!

Your fleet is vital to your business, and we always make sure that our affordable repairs are performed to the highest level of quality. Our modern facility accommodates vehicles of all makes and models, and our certified technicians can perform even the most complex fleet repairs. If your fleet needs preventative maintenance, a state inspection, or anything in between, call All County Auto Repair & Tire and request a quote today!

Our fleet services include:

- Tire replacement
- Brake repair and replacement
- Steering repairs
- Electrical system services
- Air conditioning services
- Transmission repairs
- Preventive fleet maintenance
- And much more!

Our expert technicians have experience servicing many fleet accounts, including:

- Rental cars
- Corporate fleets
- Government vehicles
- Police, fire, and emergency department vehicles

No matter the type of vehicle, maintaining a fleet requires a proactive approach where problems are addressed before they even begin. Waiting until a vehicle is broken before scheduling repairs can hurt both your business and your reputation. Like it or not, many people treat rented or company cars with far less care and respect than they show their personal vehicles. Stopping abruptly, accelerating over speed bumps, and generally ignoring warning lights and symptoms are all-too-common problems when people get behind the wheel of a vehicle that isn’t theirs. As a result, maintaining the safety and durability of company vehicles requires more than simple oil changes and tire pressure checks. At All County Auto Repair & Tire, we take the proactive approach your vehicles deserve and provide high-quality maintenance before major problems can begin.

Tracking fleet repair expenses

When measuring the cost to own and operate a vehicle, maintenance and repair expenses are often computed with a cost-per-mile formula. The better a vehicle is treated and maintained, the lower it will cost per mile that it is driven over its lifetime. As a vehicle grows older, its cost-per-mile will inevitably increase, but preventative maintenance can significantly slow this increase. By tracking maintenance on a cost-per-mile basis, you can paint an accurate overall picture for the most efficient maintenance program.

Planning fleet maintenance

Most manufacturers recommend service based on normal driving habits, but fleet vehicles suffer far more wear and tear than the average car. Where many quick lube shops simply change the oil, the fleet technicians at All County Auto Repair & Tire will perform a thorough inspection of each vehicle and catalog all the information in detailed service records.
Fleet repair safety and perception

Owning and operating a fleet requires a firm commitment to repair and maintenance during the life of each vehicle. Though all motor vehicles wear down eventually, driver behavior plays a major role in the time frame. Driving safely and appropriately keeps vehicles in good condition, which in turn reduces the cost of repairs over time. Before handing the keys to a new company driver, make sure there are policies promoting responsible driving. Furthermore, if the driver encounters a problem while operating the company vehicle, make sure they know to report it immediately,

On a similar note, public image is an important factor to consider when owning a fleet. Would you trust a company whose vehicles billow smoke and whose brakes squeal at every stoplight? Even worse, employees who drive carelessly can give the perception that your business is reckless and untrustworthy. To keep a positive public image, make sure all company drivers understand that their actions on the road represent the business overall.

Running a fleet can be a challenging task, but the professionals at All County Auto Repair & Tire have the experience to keep all your vehicles running like a dream. And it is our #1 priority to get your fleet back in service FAST. Whether you need a quick repair or just want to make sure everything is in order before putting a new company car on the road, we have cheap and affordable maintenance plans to fit any budget. Don’t wait for problems to occur--call and schedule an appointment to have your fleet evaluated today!


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