Auto repair 101 – How Hitting Potholes Affects Your Vehicle

Transmission & Clutch Repair in Jupiter, FL
Driving on a road full of potholes can be aggravating. It can cause yourself and vehicles to swerve and be jarring if you didn’t notice one and hit it. How does hitting a pothole affect your car? It is never fun, but is it really beneficial to attempt to dodge them? Here are some things to consider about potholes and their effects on your [...]

Signs Your Car May Need Engine Repair

Engine Repair services
Many of us drive our car daily, but wouldn’t have any idea if there was something scary going on under the hood, like with your engine, for example. Your car may be giving you signals that it is in need of engine repair without you even knowing it. Auto repair often hits out of nowhere- and at the worst times! By taking these signs into consideration you [...]

When To Seek Out Auto AC Repair

Auto AC Repair
There is nothing worse than being without AC in Florida, whether it is in your home or your car. If you are dealing with some of the more obvious signs that the AC isn’t working, then you will know it is time for a repair. But are there ways to know before your AC stops working all together?  In general, the big parts of your AC system in [...]

Car Maintenance and Services Checklist

If you want your car to last for a long time, it is very important to stick to a routine maintenance schedule and address issues as they present themselves. What does a routine vehicle maintenance schedule even look like? Depending on the age of your car  these things can vary, but for the most part this guide is a good starting point.  Oil [...]

Automotive Service and Maintenance Professionals in Indiantown, FL

Get where the automotive service professionals you can trust in Indiantown, Lake Park, Jupiter, Tequesta, Stuart, and Palm City FL and the surrounding areas in South Florida. Indiatown, FL is situated in the heart of Florida’s cattle and citrus country. This is a small, quiet town is about 15 miles west of Stuart and 8 miles north of the Palm Beach [...]

Automotive Service and Maintenance Professionals in Palm Beach, FL

Get where the automotive service professionals you can trust in Palm Beach, Lake Park, Jupiter, Tequesta, Stuart, and Palm City FL and the surrounding areas in South Florida. Palm Beach, FL is well-known for its glitzy estates, lovely park, and beaches, including the long, sandy Palm Beach Municipal Beach. This astounding town in South Florida is [...]

What Are The Benefits Of A Tire Rotation?

When it comes to car maintenance, it is perfectly normal to wonder why we do the things we do. Getting a tire rotation may not have such obvious benefits as changing your oil, but there are actually plenty of reasons you should add it to your maintenance list for every 5,000 - 7,500 miles. Longer Tire Life Rotating your tires can actually help your [...]

How to Prepare Your Car For a Road Trip

Engine Repair in Stuart, FL
Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned road trip? Especially during the holiday season when the airports can be too crazy for some of us! If your planning to take a road trip its important to do some routine maintenance and checking your car before hand for your safety and to save yourself from some possible inconveniences. Check for leaks and check [...]

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