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Dead or dying battery? All County Auto Repair & Tire has you covered!

Our expert mechanics can help you select the best battery for your vehicle, install the new battery, and even dispose of the old one for you. No matter the cost, problem, or vehicle type, our specialists have the right replacement battery for you. Call our Tequesta and Jupiter location at 561-747-8320 or our Stuart location at 772-266-8685 to  schedule your appointment today! With everything from power windows to auto start systems, modern vehicles need sufficient voltage and proper connections to perform virtually any task. If your battery is draining too quickly or not holding a charge at all, you run the risk of being unable to operate you car. Don’t risk the safety of you and your vehicle on a faulty battery--visit All County Auto Repair & Tire today!

A car’s battery runs the vehicle’s electrical system, which in turn provides power to everything from vital systems such as the ignition to auxiliary components such as the windshield wipers, radio, and dashboard lights. These systems contain numerous working parts, the most important of which are outlined below.

Battery - While a car's engine is off, the battery powers a few select systems, such as those required for starting the car. It also supplements the power from the charging system during times when the vehicle’s systems are under extra demand. The battery is made of lead plates that are submerged in a solution of 65% water and 35% sulfuric acid. When activated, standard 12-volt batteries produce a chemical reaction that releases electrons through conductors. This reaction creates electricity, which is then funneled through the car’s electrical system.

Charging System - The charging system--which consists of the belt-driven alternator, the voltage regulator, and several electrical circuits--is the heart of any vehicle’s electrical system. Once the car has started, the alternator provides power to the electrical system and recharges the battery. As this electricity is generated, the voltage regulator controls the voltage, keeping it within a safe and usable range.

Starting System - The starting system is comprised of three components: the ignition switch, the starter relay/solenoid, and the starter motor. When the key is turned, the ignition switch activates the starter solenoid, which activates the starter motor, which in turn activates the engine and starts the car. Unsurprisingly, the starting system uses more electricity than any other part of the vehicle.

Putting it all together
Turning the key in the ignition causes a small electric charge to flow through the starter relay, prompting a much larger current to travel from the battery cables to the starter motor. The starter motor then cranks the engine, which drives the pistons to move and create suction to draw a mixture of fuel and air into the cylinder. From there, the ignition system produces a spark that ignites the mixture, starting the car’s engine.

If your car battery is refusing to start or hold its charge, you probably need a replacement. Thankfully, All County Auto Repair & Tire has the best selection of prices with deals that anyone can afford. Don’t settle for a car that won’t start--call us to schedule an inspection today!


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