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An auto transmission is an essential system that allows your vehicle to function properly. Your car’s transmission is responsible for shifting the gears, a crucial process for smooth mobility. That said, taking care of your car’s transmission by using a professional transmission repair auto shop is important for its long-term health and your convenience. But all too often, car owners either misunderstand or ignore the basic maintenance needed to keep a gearbox running smoothly, hereby leading to dysfunctional transmissions.  

What Are The Signs Of A Damaged Transmission?

Identifying the warning signs of a dysfunctional transmission on time allows you to bring the situation under control and also avoid expensive costs of transmission replacement. Here are some of the symptoms that your transmission might be working at its best:

Transmission is slipping 

Transmission slipping occurs when it feels like you’re driving in one gear and then it suddenly changes to another on its own. This can sometimes be accompanied by a whining noise. If this happens once, you might have nothing to worry about. However, frequent occurrence portends a bad signal that you need to get your transmission fixed as soon as possible.

Shifting Gear 

Does it take a while for your car to get into gear? If this happens frequently, it could be a warning sign that you have a transmission issue. This can be caused by a transmission fluid leak somewhere within your system. Allowing the problem to go on for a long time can lead to transmission overheat, which could damage other parts of the system.

Leaking fluid

If you see red fluid under your vehicle, it probably means that you have a transmission fluid leak. This could be coming from a gasket, a cooler line or a seal. This is unsafe for your transmission because the fluid can flow to the hot pipes and damage the working parts of the system.

Transmission Repair Vs Replacement

In most cases, especially where the damage is minimal, a transmission rebuild or repair is a great option. This means that you’re only replacing the parts that have failed. Unlike transmission replacement, the cost of transmission repair is a lot cheaper. Like a replacement, you’re fixing certain damaged parts, only that you’re not doing it in a factory setting. It’s important to hire a very reputable repair shop to have this done.

How Much Will It Cost To Repair My Transmission?

The cost of your transmission repair depends on a wide range of factors, including the make of your car, the age of your car, the repair shop and whether you use an automatic or manual transmission. Regardless, you can expect the repair cost to fall somewhere between $1,800 and $3,400. Yours can be cheaper or even more expensive, depending on your situation.

Where To Find The Best Transmission Repair Workshop in Tequesta, FL

Working with a reputable auto workshop is pivotal to receiving a high quality transmission repair service that gives you rest of mind. If you need an expert help with your transmission repair, speak to the experienced team at All County Automotive Repair and Tire today. The auto specialists offer a unique approach to repair by prioritizing thorough inspections and application of the latest technology to provide a lasting solution to your transmission issues. For more information about their services, visit their official website.

For more info or to schedule a consultation contact us today at 561.747.8320 in JUPITER and TEQUESTA FL and 772.266.8685 in STUART and PALM CITY FL.

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