Common Electrical Issues in Cars

If the electrical system in a car begins to go then there is a problem. This can happen to everyone from time to time. There are some common electrical issues in the car that will require the skills of a mechanic to fix. 

Dead Battery

This is something most people that own a car will experience at one time or another. This is one of the most common issues that a person will face and is the easiest to fix. If the key is being turned and nothing is starting then there is a good chance the battery is dead. There may be an issue such as the headlights or another light being left on. In most cases, a jumpstart can do the trick. If not the battery may need to be replaced.

Alternator Issues

If the battery was replaced and the car is still dying then there may be an issue with the alternator. The alternator will charge the battery while the cart is running. If the car cannot hold a charge then the alternator may be bad. Another sign is that there may be the cab light on dimly when driving.

The Car Will Not Start

This can be an issue due to the start. If the radio and the lights can turn on but the car does not start this is a sign that the start needs replacement. There will not be a clicking noise when the key is turned into a dead battery. There will not be a sound and this indicates the starter is the issue.

Wire and Cable Connections

Cables and wires are run under the hood of the car and they will provide the connection that is needed to make the car run. If there is an issue with these connections then the car will not start. Rodents may chew through the wires especially during the cooler months or if the car has not been started in some time. If there is a vibration when the car is moving then this can be an issue with the cable or wire connections. It is best to check the connections on the alternator and the battery first. If this does not solve the issue then other wires will need to be checked.


This is another small issue but can lead to a lot of damage to the electrical system of the car. The fuses in the car will make sure everything is connected with circuits. They will also make sure that there is not a power surge which can be dangerous. If a fuse goes to the car or that specific function will not work. The only way to fix this is to replace the fuse. Fuses can be due to the vibrations of the car it is wise to check them.

These are some common electrical issues with cars. While they are small issues if something goes wrong the car will not run. It is best to call All County Auto Repair & Tire to check out these systems from time to time to make sure everything is connected and the car is in good shape. Call the best automotive service professionals you can trust!

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