Transmission Warning Signs You Need To Know

Transmission Warning Signs

With the proper care and maintenance, most vehicles can stay in decent shape for many years. Some cars, however, may develop mechanical issues that require the immediate attention of the car owner or driver. Due to wear and tear, most vehicles require more transmission & clutch repair as they age. The problem with diagnosing a car’s problem is its intricate and complicated nature. Vehicles are made up of so many moving parts it’s hard to tell between one and the other, especially if it’s a transmission problem. A car’s transmission system can also be referred to as the gearbox. This gadget helps the vehicle turn the power produced by the engine into tangible energy the vehicle can utilize to propel you forward.

Signs a Car Has a Transmission Problem

1. Whining Noises from your Car or Gearbox

If your car begins whining or making noises that it did not before then, it is probably time to get it checked out by a mechanic. Many drivers tend to ignore strange sounds made by the car until they become unbearable; it would be prudent to take the car in early to avoid high repair costs. Clunking noises should also alert the driver to the deteriorating health of the gearbox.

2. Burning Smell

Many cars produce a burning smell that is unbearable for most drivers. Vehicles with a manual gear system are more likely to get this problem. This is a clear sign that the transmission fluid is overheating, and it’s time to take the car in for repairs before the gearbox gives out.

3. Transmission Slips While Shifting Gears

Some cars may completely slip when the driver attempts to shift from one gear to the next. When the gears slip, it is also possible for the vehicle to take longer to come up to speed after shifting gears. If the driver notices this sign, it is an indicator that the engine’s internal combustion chamber is not properly engaged. Transmission slips may also result from bad or worn out bands. The good news is replacing them should not cost too much money.

4. Adjusting Gears Problem on Automatic Cars

Automatic vehicles are less likely to have this problem because the car does the gear shift work for the driver. However, an experienced driver can tell when an automatic car has trouble adjusting gears. The case is different with manual vehicles as the driver has to work harder to shift between gears. If a car’s gears are grinding and noisy, it indicates that the transmission’s synchronizers need repairs or replacement.

5. Neutral Gear Squeaking Noises

While in neutral gear, the car should remain relatively silent. Any bumping or squeaking noises indicate a need for transmission fluids. To avoid any further complications with the vehicle, changing or adding transmission fluid should be done by a qualified mechanic.

6. If The Car Indicators Are On

All cars have the service engine light on the dashboard. When this light is on, it confirms that the vehicle needs to get serviced as soon as possible. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Come schedule an appointment or get an auto repair professional at All County Repair to diagnose or fix the problem immediately to maintain your car.

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