Signs You Need To Replace Your Shocks

Having Problems While Braking

Shocks can cause problems beyond suspension issues to your brakes. A critical look into the vehicle’s parts reveals that shocks are a structural part of the vehicle. Therefore worn out or defective shocks can affect the overall functioning of the vehicle including when you brake. If you do not regularly check the vehicle’s shocks, you may be surprised to find out that worn shocks are causing other issues. This can cause accidents as the vehicle may not be able to maintain its path. Moreover, the driver may experience other adverse effects such as forward lurch while braking. This situation may be very detrimental since if the vehicle veers off the road, it may cause an accident.

Unusual Tire Tread Wear

This issue normally occurs when the wheel alignment is off but can also be a sign of worn out shocks. This is very different from cases of an aging tire. In some instances, this can be accompanied by suspension misalignment. Worn out shocks can accelerate the rate of tire wear, which can be a very dangerous scenario. Such wear may render the vehicle unable to maintain its line of drive. If you notice one or more of your tires wearing at an unusual rate, call an auto repair shop like All County Automotive to inspect your vehicles suspension and shocks.

Steering Problems

This is another indicative sign that your shocks may need to be replaced. While driving, if you notice any shaking, pulling or noises this may be a sign that you need to replace your shocks. You may not even be able to turn the steering wheel at all! This is obviously a dangerous situation because obviously, without the steering wheel, you cannot control the vehicle’s direction. Steering problems can also be accompanied by swaying away and leaning cars as corners are negotiated. Steering problems can be very risky, more so in sharp corners, as it may lead to head-on collision. It also makes it difficult to switch lanes.

Having a Bumpy Ride

If you notice harder than normal bumpiness when you are driving, that is a tell tale sign that your shocks need to be replaced. In some circumstances when driving over a bump, you can feel like you have lost all or some control of your vehicle. If you notice any of the above signs, you need to call a trusted mechanic right away to replace your shocks before it compounds and adds further damage to your vehicle’s suspension or other mechanical parts.

Replace Your Shocks

Conclusion Having a Bumpy Ride

Failing to maintain your vehicle will prove to be very costly in the long run. A problem with one part of the vehicle can harm all parts of the vehicle. Therefore be aware of the operation of the car and take note when experiencing any difficulty. It is always recommended that you trust a professional Auto Repair Shop like All County Automotive, we can inspect, repair, or replace just about anything on your car to ensure a safe and reliable drive every time.

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