Signs Your Car May Need Engine Repair

Many of us drive our car daily, but wouldn’t have any idea if there was something scary going on under the hood, like with your engine, for example. Your car may be giving you signals that it is in need of engine repair without you even knowing it. Auto repair often hits out of nowhere- and at the worst times! By taking these signs into consideration you may be able to prevent an auto breakdown and have control over when the repairs can be done, rather than being surprised with major issues on your way to work. If you have any concerns or think your engine may be in need of repair, contact one of our All County Automotive locations to get an assessment and repair your vehicle before things get worse.

Check Engine Light

We have all experienced the dread of seeing the check engine light pop on in our car. It is important not to ignore this and get your vehicle looked at to prevent extensive damage in the future. This light can mean a multitude of things but when it comes to your car it is always better to be safe than sorry, and to know what is going on beneath the hood.

Strange Noises

If you hear knocking noises coming from your car it may be worth the time to take it in and have it checked out. Doing so right away can potentially prevent your engine bearings from seizing up, thus avoiding the need for extensive repair to get your car running again.

Poor Performance And General Issues

Cars are complicated machines, and oftentimes certain issues can signal many possible problems that are occurring. It is important to note that some of these issues can be caused by other factors, but here are some things to consider that may signal the need for engine repair:

  • Idling issues- if your car feels like it is going to turn off when you are stopped at a red light it is important to take it to get looked at right away
  • Trouble or changes when picking up speed
  • More smoke from your exhaust than usual
  • Your car is leaking fluid
  • Your car is stalling
  • Metal flakes in your engine oil

Poor Gas Mileage

No one wants to spend more money on gas. If you notice your car seems to be using gas quicker than it used to, it might help you to get it checked by a professional and see what is causing the problem.

We understand that the thought of your car needing major repairs can be very stressful. By looking out for the signs that damage may be occurring and talking to your trusted automotive specialist, you may be able to make small repairs and avoid the more extensive and expensive ones. All County Automotive can help you know exactly what is going on in your vehicle and eliminate the issues. If you think you may be in need of engine repair, or any other sort of repair on your vehicle, contact our Tequesta or Stuart location today.

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