What To Do If Your Tire Blows Out From Your Local Auto Repair Shop Professionals

Having your tire blow out while you’re driving can be a terrifying experience. We’ve all seen accidents on the side of the road and hope to never be in them ourselves. When a tire blows out you may feel as though an accident is unavoidable, but with safe practices you may be able to get your car to safety and avoid a collision. Here are some tips from All County Automotive to follow when your tire blows out and what to do next.

Remain Calm

Even though a tire blowout is an alarming event, it is important to try and stay calm. When you become anxious and panicked it could lead to mistakes that can cause a harmful situation. 

Avoiding Collisions and Getting Your Car to Safety

In order to avoid a collision, do not slam on the brakes or try to overcorrect your steering wheel. This action can cause your wheels to lock up and put you and those around you in danger. Instead, you should attempt to accelerate slightly and try to steer your car as straight as possible. You will then need to begin to slow down by carefully removing your foot from the gas pedal. When you are at a comfortable speed to do so and have enough space, turn on your emergency lights and pull to the side of the road. At this point you have the option to change your tire or call a professional for help. Remember that safety should always be your first priority, so if you don’t have enough space or experience to change the tire then calling a professional will be your best option.

Check Your Tire For The Cause

More often than not, the case of a tire blowout is an underinflated tire. This causes the tire to overheat and flex in ways that are not sustainable for the tire. It also frequently occurs on highways because there are not as many reasons to stop, giving the tire ample time to over heat.

Prevention and Tips

The best way to prevent a tire blowout is to properly care for and maintain your tires. Many newer cars will alert you to tire pressure issues, and these should be resolved right away to avoid situations like this. It is also important to rotate your tires to keep the tread from being uneven. The pressure in your tires can be affected by changes in temperature, so during the summer months and cooler days it could be helpful to check your tire pressure from time to time. Be sure to talk to your automotive technician to get more information on prevention and proper tire care and maintenance.

Though the thought of having a tire blow while driving can cause anxiety, it can be handled safely. The scary truth is that this scenario happens to drivers quite frequently. It is best to care for your tires as recommended to keep you safe on the roads and potentially avoid this scary event all together. If you are in need of tire care and maintenance or new tires, or any sort of car repair services, contact the professionals at All County Automotive and schedule an appointment with us.

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