Auto Repair Shop Tips- How to Be Prepared for A Flat Tire

In our lifetimes, most will experience a flat tire. At All County Automotive we know you will need professional help, but we want you to be prepared in the moment so you can still reach your destination.

Roadside Assistance

A subscription to AAA can be extremely helpful when you get a flat. Paying for a service like AAA can get you immediate help before you get to visit a professional like All County Automotive. 

Spare Tires

Many vehicles come with a spare tire. This is the quickest way for you to handle a flat on your own. You may locate the spare tire underneath the car, in the trunk, or fixated to the back of the car. Wherever the tire is, the most important part is understanding how to jack your car to use the temporary spare before you can visit a professional to replace the tire and understand that the tire may need to be inflated to a certain pressure. If your car does not come with a spare, it may be in your best interest to purchase a spare that is suited for your car. 

Portable Air Compressor

Another key item for your tire maintenance is being able to fill the tire with air. There are a multitude of portable and rechargeable air compressors that can read your tire’s PSI and fill it to the appropriate level. If you need to find the PSI your tires should be at (when cold) you can look inside the driver door to find the number. 

Changing Your Flat Tire

If you are going to put the spare tire on yourself before you bring the vehicle to All County Automotive, there are some key steps to follow:

  • Before you attempt to jack your car, be sure your car is on flat ground. You always want the car on a secure surface.
  • Before you jack the car, it may be easier to loosen the lugs on the wheel while it is on the ground. Loosen, do not remove, the lugs with the usually included wrench.
  • Now, jack the car. Be sure to raise the car high enough that you can easily remove the wheel. Then, finish removing the lugs completely.
  • Now it is time to replace the flat tire with your spare. Remove the wheel from the car and put the spare in its place. Fasten the lugs again over the spare tire. Be sure to fasten these tightly with the wrench. 
  • Once you are sure the spare is secured, lower the car, and make sure the tire looks properly inflated. Bear in mind, these tires are not meant for extended use or high speeds, so it is vital to come to a company like All County Automotive in the Jupiter & Tequesta areas as soon as possible to have your tires replaced and aligned.

Time For New Tires?

If it’s time for new tires, or even just an alignment, visit All County Auto Repair in the Jupiter & Tequesta areas for expert and quality service, or contact us anytime if you have any questions!

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