How to Know When Auto Repair Is Needed

At All County Automotive, with locations in Jupiter & Tequesta, FL, and Stuart & Palm City, FL, we know that there are usually some warning signs if it’s time to bring your vehicle in for auto repair. While easy to look past, they can cause damage to your car, hurt your fuel mileage, and end up costing you tons of money in the end. Here, we will discuss some of these warning signs. 

Leaking Fluid

Most cars have many different liquids that keep everything running smoothly, so it is important to understand the different kinds and be able to identify what is an emergency and what can be monitored. 

The most frequently seen leak is an engine oil leak. This is a leak of liquid that you will most likely see coming from the front of your vehicle. If this liquid appears to be brown or black and is an extremely slick texture, you likely have an oil leak. This kind of leak could be a simple fix, like an oil pan plug out of place, or it could be a much more serious issue. In any case, this kind of leak is critical and can permanently damage your car’s engine if not promptly tended to by a professional like those at All County Automotive. If you aren’t able to have this oil leak serviced immediately, be sure you are constantly topping off your oil to avoid causing major permanent damage to your engine. 

If you have a leak that doesn’t match the description of an oil leak, you may be experiencing an antifreeze leak. This leak will also likely originate from the front of your vehicle, or possibly from the tailpipe, but this liquid is thinner than oil and is usually red or green instead of the brown or black of an oil leak. You can usually identify this liquid by smell, as it has a sweet smell, but be sure not to get this liquid anywhere near your eyes or mouth. This is another example of a leak that can not be overlooked. 

While these are certainly not the only types of leaks that can occur, these are the most common leaks to keep an eye out for.


If you find your car stalling consistently, this is a sign that you are due for some maintenance right away. On top of being dangerous on its own that you may be stalling out in the middle of the road, this can be an indicator of other major issues with the car. 

Your car may be stalling for one of several reasons, but one may be an issue with your fuel supply. Gas-powered cars need a steady fuel stream to continue running without stalling. In this case, there are many things a professional like All County Automotive could check including the accuracy and functionality of your fuel gauge as well as more complex issues like a bad fuel pump.

A stalling car may also be an indicator of electrical problems in the vehicle. These issues generally are a result of battery issues, which regularly need to be replaced every 1-5 years.

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