How Often Do You Need to Change Your Car’s Oil?

If you own your own vehicle, you know that there are many responsibilities that come with owning your own car. Perhaps none is more important than changing your oil regularly. A car oil change is one of the best ways to keep your car’s engine running smoothly. There are a few critical details that you need to know, like what type of oil your car takes and how often you should change the oil. Consult your owner’s manual to see exactly what type of synthetic oil change your type of car needs.

What Type of Oil Do I Need?

Since your car was built to such specific standards, you need to make sure that you use the appropriate oil when you go for a car oil change. You need an oil that minimizes friction inside your engine and maximizes the fuel economy of your car. The particular synthetic-blend oil needs to have the proper viscosity and meet industry standards. Your owner’s manual as well as your trusted local auto repair shop can both help you get the right oil for the job. The good news is that modern oil is much better for your engine, and minimizes the need for your synthetic oil change.


Oil Change Schedule for Old Cars

Speaking of the need for a car oil change, if your vehicle is older, you will base your maintenance schedule on the mileage of your car. Your car, and therefore its need for a synthetic oil change, will fall into one of two categories: “normal” or “severe service.” Normal wear and tear on your car is fairly self-explanatory. But you will need more frequent oil changes if your car falls into one of these categories:

  • Hauling heavy loads
  • Using a trailer
  • Driving in extremely cold or hot weather
  • Traveling in dusty conditions
  • Making mostly short trips of 5 miles or less
  • Sustained stop-and-go driving

Oil Change Schedule for Newer Cars

The good news is that new cars have oil-life monitoring systems that will alert you when it is time for your next oil change. Your car’s monitoring system is advanced enough to analyze the daily operations of your car. Whether you are in heavy-duty operations or normal driving conditions, the system can detect when your car’s oil is breaking down in real time. When you have a synthetic oil change done at an auto repair shop, they will reset the system. Although getting your oil changed every 3000 miles was always the standard, with today’s newer oil blends and newer cars, you can often last 5000-7000 miles between changes.

If you own your own car, you need to take your responsibility for car maintenance seriously. Getting a car oil change from a reputable auto repair shop will keep your car in top shape and lengthen its life. The frequency with which you need to get your car oil change depends on the the age of your car and the type of driving you do. By keeping your car up to date on your oil changes, you are lengthening the life of your car and giving yourself an easier ride.

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